Who we are

Seaico Technologies is an information and Communication Technology Firm that specializes in providing Software solutions and services to Financial Institutions such as Banks, Pension Fund Administrators, Insurance Company, Insurance Firms and other large Enterprize Organizations.

These application helps organizations improve their overall return by helping to integrate and automate important tasks that are usually complex and require a lot of human and financial resources.

Our strength lies in having versatile human resource personnel that have proficient knowledge in the following ...

Treasury and Capital Market Solutions (Implementation & Support)

With a combined in house experience of over 40 years in the Capital Markets Systems Implementation space, we are well positioned to implement and support Treasury and capital market solutions.

Our staff are skilled in first principals of all major asset classes in the Capital Markets, and accordingly interact very well at with a variety of client applications. A key strength is our ability to understand, develop and implement client products from cradle to grave, i.e. Sales, Front, Middle and Back Office.

We are independently minded about technology, though we have implementation experience in our team on most of the major trading platforms. Accordingly, our engagement model is adaptable and really geared towards partnership with our clients.

Application Development & Management

SEAICO Technologies offers application design, development, integration, implementation and support services tailored to meeting the specific needs of our clients.

Application Development and Maintenance outsourcing is a proven means by which companies can significantly reduce their costs, continuously improve the performance, stability and availability of their applications, accelerate deployments and free up existing staff to focus on strategic initiatives. SEAICO Technologies has capable resources and partnerships to drive your software development needs, ranging from requirement analysis to design, development, testing, quality control, and maintenance.

We maintain highest quality standards at every stage of the development process and offer 24/7 support across our products .

Project Management

The ability to manage new projects ensuring that projects are completed within time and budget is crucial for any institution that plans to succeed. Many projects fail because of the human element. Clever new systems and processes are not adopted as quickly or as easily as the sponsors anticipated. With experience that cuts from the old ways to the new, SEAICO Technologies is well positioned to manage new IT projects to a successful end and guide individuals and the entire organization in preparing and make transitions successfully, ensuring that you derive benefits from innovations as quickly as possible.